We are so grateful for our 5-star rating on Yelp!  We work hard to make beautiful and delicious products for you to enjoy!  

Here are some of our wonderful clients' review comments!  http://www.yelp.com/biz/stacys-cookie-lounge-playa-vista-6


Stacy is Great. She was so nice to deliver to our company and all of the cookies we ordered were so good. The Vegan were my favorite. Her cookies are by far some of the best. I would recommend her cookies to anyone. The whole office enjoyed them. Thanks again Stacy and many well wishes to you in the New Year.


Stacy did not just meet my expectations but she went above and beyond!  I ordered mini cupcakes, regular cupcakes with fondue [fondant] custom design, custom cookies for my baby shower and my hubby's surprise bday cake.  They were all really good.  They were too pretty to eat though  but too yummy to be left as display.  Super easy transaction.  Like I was dealing with someone I've known for a while even though we just met.  Payment is super hassle free.  Very trustworthy and reliable.  She is a keeper!


Best cookies ever!!! 

I took a chance on this place and these cookies are out of this world good. 

Not only are they delicious but they are themed (super hero cookies etc) and you can create your own custom designs on your cookies (logos, even your face can be put on these cookies). 

I mean amazingly delicious cookies and they can even be customized. 

I can see a company giving these out at their next trade show, event or corporate retreat. 

I can see these themed for a bachelorette party, a wedding or kids birthday party. 

I'm coming back for more of these cookies. 
I can't enough of them.


I needed a fairly last minute birthday cake for a 35 year old chocoholic. Long story short, Stacy's Chocolate cake is literally the best I've ever had. They have fair prices and work very fast. Also, the communication is great! I would recommend this bakery to anyone. It makes me sad there are no more birthdays coming up within my family and friends, I want more cake :(  

Ps. Stacy is just as sweet as the product and worked amazing with such a short notice.


Met Stacy at the Playa Vista Farmer's Mkt in April...7 orders later I am very satisfied and in fact only purchase product we collaborate and design for all of my events!  Needless to say my small addiction to my namesake cookie Sonia's Sandwich - carrot cake vegan cookie with lemon creme filling.


I spent a day walking around Playa Vista looking for Stacys cookies only to find out it's a home kitchen not a bakery. My butt and waist are grateful ... no just dropping by to pick up a cookie! But Stacy will make you pretty much any kind of cookie or cake you desire to order. I sent her an email and was delighted when she created this amazing looking and tasting cookies for a trade show we are doing. She's as much an artist as a chef extraordinaire and she's as delightful as her cookies. Send her an email or visit her booth at the Playa Vista Saturday market and find out for yourself.


I discovered Stacey's cookies at the Playa Vista Farmers' Market. She has all kinds of cookies to meet everyone's dietary needs - including people who just like regular cookies.

As a gluten free connoisseur, I was literally in tears when I first saw Stacy's incredibly colorful and uniquely decorated cookies. 

She had me at Unicorn. 

I hadn't had one of those decorated cookies in ten years. You know - the kind many of us used to bake with our mom's or grandmas every Christmas holiday? 

They taste as delicious as they look! Maybe even better and that's saying a lot. Mostly I say that because from time to time I see one in the store and half a bite in I'm wishing I didn't have a piece of cardboard in my mouth. Stacy even has vegan ones! 

Stacy's cookies don't crumble like the usual gluten free cookies do. In fact, I took a decorate bunny to Russia with me and he was so healthy (the cookie) that I brought him back with me just to prove how durable he was. Literally a cookie made it to Russia and back unscathed. 

Every Saturday I make my way down to Stacy's farmers' market booth to see which new creations Stacy has stayed up late the night before baking and decorating. I'm always delighted. 

Her newest creation of the sandwich cookie with icing is my new favorite. She did a Hamilton themed cookie for a party and they were fabulous. So if you like unicorns or swans or dinosaurs or super heroes or - many things I'm not naming here -  you can find a special cookie just for you.