• Paint Your Own Cookie Party (call for pricing)


    Hire the Stacy's Cookie Lounge team to bring all the supplies and teach your party how to paint their own cookies!   All ages enjoy painting cookies!  Contact us to customize your party package!  Some ideas include:  Superheroes, movie &TV characters, birthday theme, sports, animals and more!!  

    How it works:

    1. The cookies will be outlined with the design of your choice.

    2. Colored palette including 4-6 colors (depending on design)

    3. Paint brushes

    4. Water container

    5. Paint!  Just like watercoloring; dip the paint brush into the water then wipe the brush onto the color of your choice.

     Paint the cookie.  

    6. EAT the cookie!!!  The best part is that you can eat the cookie after you've painted it!  

    7. Save the cookie!  If you don't want to eat your masterpiece, just put it in an airtight bag and refrigerate!  You have a keepsake!